Best Online Jobs for College Students – Work and Earn Money Online 

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You can’t talk about the advantage of modern innovations without mentioning the importance of Online Jobs for College Students, which are now very much available. Internet usage has increased massively over the last decade, which has created a global trading platform. People worldwide have an equal opportunity to earn income, including college students.


An online job can also be called a virtual job. It is any job where you can work from home or a remote area instead of reporting to a fixed location daily. These jobs permit employers and job seekers to seek, employ and discuss employment opportunities online.

The youthful generation is best positioned to make the most of these opportunities. Acquiring a decent income from a part-time job some years ago was difficult.  But now, college students can quickly secure a moderate income to support them throughout their school year without becoming broke or in debt. Many online jobs, but a few people have little idea about the kinds of jobs. 

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An article from Forbes also supports this and states that, with online jobs, students can drastically improve their way of life. The internet has made it conceivable to create online jobs for college students.

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There are many online jobs, but a few people have little idea regarding the kinds of jobs that can be possible online. This article uncovers the opportunities for Online Jobs for College Students and coaches you on how to get started.

14 Online Jobs for College Students

1. Social media manager Online job :

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Salary: $15-$40 per hour

For this job, you are responsible for managing an organisation’s social media. You hold a conversation and build up a great relationship with people. Through this, leads are created, and these leads soon become potential customers/clients for the organization. Your job is to draw in lots of individuals, as could be expected and influence their purchasing decision.

How to begin:


You can begin by sending your CV to organizations within your area that may require your service. On the other hand, you can post your CV/resume on job sites online.

It’s better to move toward organizations or brands you love, use or knows a lot about. With your experience from utilizing your own social media account, either Facebook, Twitter, Google, or other social media like Pinterest, you are unquestionably prepared to do this job.

2. Online Tutoring Jobs for college students:

Salary ranges from $15-$20 per hour

Online tutoring can be fun when you’re an expert in almost every field/subject. Many video recordings online offer tutorial lessons, and this is just the beginning. Learning is a step-by-step shift from a physical classroom to a virtual study hall. So if you are proficient in any field, it’s an ideal opportunity to commercialize your knowledge. It doesn’t need to be academically related if you know the latest fashion trend, well-being, health, discussion, and music; these jobs are open to you.

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How to begin:

With the assistance of Wyzant or, you can promote your tutoring service. You can likewise apply to different organizations to create awareness or set up your course content and sell; however, be sure to use the correct advertising platform from this list to sell your service.

3. Data entry jobs for college students:

Salary: $9-$16

Organizations constantly need to update data. This doesn’t require any skill. It’s imputing data into a required format. Your job is to move data from one format to an upgraded one. Whichever is the situation, it merits your time and energy, and it pays well as well. An average college student should be able to type at least 50 words per minute. If you are so fast, at that point, it will be simpler to get more cash flow with data entry jobs. Aside from having a good internet connection and a PC, you are not required to invest.

How to begin:

Platforms like Virtual Bee, Clickworker, DionData Solution, and Upwork post data entry jobs online for college students.

4. Resume writer’s jobs online:

Salary: $15-$25 per hour:

Individuals need an organized CV/resume. With a decent command of English or some other language, you can help job seekers compose a professional CV to bring in additional cash.

How to begin:

You can likewise find ResumeEdge and WriterBay helpful when searching for resume writing jobs. Jobs may not come regularly, yet it merits the attempt.

5. Search Engine Optimization Jobs Online for Students

Salary: $12-$15 per hour

Although large organizations like Google, Bing, and Yahoo are at the top of their game regarding updating algorithms, the need for a search engine evaluator to profoundly search through such updates for errors is highly required. As a search engine evaluator, you look at a result and give feedback on the quality, functionality, and accuracy.

How to begin:

You can land search engine jobs from LeapForce, Lionbridge, and Appen Butler Hill, among a host of others.

6. Starting an Online career as a Blogger:

Salary differs

To meet evolving trends, organizations must continually upload new content to their blog. It’s a method to keep clients and potential clients informed and warm. Blogging offers the above, and that’s the means by which you can bring in money.

What is required is to pick a topic and write intensively about it. Constant research is required to have quality blog content. You likewise earn money when you advertise through affiliate marketing and sponsored post.

How to begin:

You can get blogging jobs from job sites like Freelancer, UpWork, or Hiresine. Another approach to do this is to build your own site and create content. A monthly fee of $2.95 is required for hosting your site. Blue Host and Host Gator are among the many hosting organizations to host your site. To kick off, you can follow this guide to start a blog.

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7. Content writer or Editor online jobs:

Salary differs: $50+ per article

Content writing is a very lucrative job that you can earn because it has many sides. You can write on anything and get paid for it. Simply pick a topic that interests you and write on it. However, you will need to search for information, which is where research comes in.

If writing is your passion, at that point, this will be a decent method to use your skills. All things considered, it’s satisfying to do what you cherish and to get paid for doing it. Freelance Proofreading is likewise an alternative if you are not into content writing or don’t have the time to set one up, You can likewise proofread anywhere.

There are various sites that can pay you for writing articles, such as.

  • Fiverr
  • Outsourcely
  • Freelancer
  • Upwork
  • ProBlogger Job Board
  • Microlancer and lots more

8. Micro Freelancer jobs for college students:

Salary: $5-$50 per hour

Our mind is a storage facility with abundant creative ideas, and you can turn those ideas into money using Fiverr, Microlancer, Freelancer, and lots more. With platforms like this, you can accumulate jobs that would inevitably acquire you a sensible monthly salary.

For a better salary, check Gigbucks. Their pay rate is between $5 to $50, and Tenbux is somewhere in the range of $5 and $10.

9. Online hiring for organizations:

Salary: $20-$30 per hour

Recruiting people for organizations has been made simple with online hiring. As an enrollment specialist, you are the link between the organization and the potential worker. Your job incorporates reviewing CVs/resumes, posting employment availability on job sites, hosting an interview, and concluding on salaries.

Your yearly salary is estimated at $50,000 if you’re working $20 – $30 every hour, which is the average rate.

How to begin:

Create an account with any of these sites to get started

  • Freelancer
  • Upwork
  • SimplyHired
  • Why Do Work
  • CareerBuilder

10. Powerpoint presentation jobs Online or keynotes presentation jobs

Salary: $5-$20

Being a student, you are familiar with PowerPoint presentations. Being extra creative will make you more valuable for organizations or speakers requiring a presentation. To successfully communicate a line of thought requires successful communication and presentation. You are the connecting dot the organization needs.

How to begin:

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Research websites that showcase what you do. You can check out for an example. Likewise, look at Freelancer or UpWork for a large number of these jobs.

11. Genealogist Online Jobs:

Salary differs from $70-$700 per project

Are you surprised? People are interested in what they may discover, uncovering their lineage and are ready to pay at least $700  per request and at least $70. If a student you are specialized in this field don’t look any further. This is an open door for you.

12. Virtual Assistant jobs for college students:

Salary differs with responsibilities $10-$20/hour

Are you an expert in keeping things organized, meeting times scheduled, and a valuable communicator who appropriately records the event, at that point, this is for you? In this modern age, people are finding it difficult to keep up with scheduled activities.

You can help with schedules and meeting appointments, particularly for top management personnel. Picking up jobs like this puts you under the radar of freelancers and independently employed professionals.

How to begin:

These websites can help you in securing virtual assistant jobs.

13. Transcriptionist Online Jobs for College students

Salary: $15-$25/hour

This job is quite simple. It requires listening carefully to sound/audio and typing precisely what you hear. This should fit into your timetable for a college student needing an online job. No training of any kind is required.

How to begin:

Below are sites that offer transcription jobs

You can take it to the next level, by beginning your own transcription business. This even gives you the edge in choosing your client. A helpful site will be Transcribe Anywhere. They additionally offer free introductory tutorials that can put you in motion.

14. Reward Program or Affiliate Site Earning Opportunities for Students

Salary: $5-$10,000 (Per Sale)

The affiliate and reward program provides an opportunity for everyone to refer their programs to their family members or friends and if a sale is done, at that point you receive your share out of it. No training is required for affiliate kinda jobs, you simply need to promote their products and make sure the sales happen to procure your commissions.

College students can kick off their affiliate sales career from the following sites:

So that was our list of 14 online jobs for college students. We expect you to find various helpful ones to earn from. More online jobs will be updated so keep checking. Do well to free yourself from unnecessary debts and work your way to financial freedom. Keep Learning and Keep earning…


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