10 Exciting and Fun Things You Can Do in Egypt During Vacation 

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 If you’re planning a trip to this captivating country, buckle up and get ready for some serious fun. Egypt is basically a time machine that takes you back to the days of pharaohs, pyramids, and mummies. And let’s not forget the belly dancing and delicious food! Hold on to your camels, We’re about to unveil the top 10 wacky and wild activities to spice up your Egyptian getaway. Listen up, Whether you’re a thrill-seeker, a history buff, or just want to get a tan, Egypt’s got you covered.

1. Go on a wild camel ride and get lost in the maze of sand to find the Pyramids of Giza.


Well, unless you’re allergic to ancient wonders or have a phobia of triangles, you simply can’t miss the Pyramids of Giza on your trip to Egypt. Wow, talk about a real estate investment that’s stood the test of time! These pharaohs really knew how to build a tomb that would impress for centuries. I mean, who needs a fancy mansion when you can have a pyramid? Prepare to have your mind blown by the Great Pyramid of Khufu, the biggest of the three pyramids! You won’t believe the ancient engineering techniques they used to build these bad boys. Get ready to be amazed!

The Pyramids of Giza are not just any old pile of rocks, they’re a UNESCO World Heritage site AND one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Talk about overachievers! Wow, these towering structures on the edge of Cairo have been blowing people’s minds for like, forever. As you venture into the pyramid complex, get ready to enter the secret chambers and witness the fancy hieroglyphs and spooky burial chambers. Don’t forget to bring your mummy repellent!

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2. Cruise Along the Nile River.

Fun Things You Can Do in Egypt
Fun Things You Can Do in Egypt

Hop on a chill cruise down the epic Nile River, the heartbeat of Egypt. Check out the amazing views, cute little towns, and lush farms as you cruise down this old-timey waterway. Have a blast with all the fancy stuff on board, munch on some yummy Egyptian food, and soak up the stunning scenery of the river that’s been around for ages and made Egypt what it is today. A Nile River cruise offers a unique perspective on Egypt’s historical sites and local life. As you glide along the tranquil waters, you’ll pass by ancient temples, picturesque islands, and vibrant markets. You can choose from a variety of cruise options, ranging from short excursions to multi-day journeys, allowing you to tailor your experience to your preferences.

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3. Unearth the Secrets of Luxor That Even Indiana Jones Couldn’t Find!.

Why settle for a boring indoor museum when you can visit Luxor, the world’s greatest open-air museum? Get some fresh air and soak up some history at the same time! While you time travel and witness the ancient pharaohs getting their worship on at the Karnak and Luxor temples. It’s like a real-life episode of “Ancient Aliens”! 

to the era of ancient pharaohs and witness their devotion to their gods at the jaw-dropping temples of Karnak and Luxor. Don’t forget to bring your sunscreen and a fan, it’s going to be a hot one! Come on down to the Valley of the Kings, where we’ve got all the latest digs! 

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Luxor, located on the east bank of the Nile, is a treasure trove of ancient Egyptian artifacts and monuments. The Karnak Temple Complex, with its massive columns and grand halls, is a testament to the power and grandeur of the pharaohs. The Luxor Temple, beautifully illuminated at night, provides a mystical atmosphere that transports you back in time. Exploring the Valley of the Kings, you’ll encounter elaborate tombs and intricate wall paintings that depict the journey to the afterlife.

4. Take a plunge into the Red Sea.

If you’re feeling a little fishy and want to explore the depths of the ocean, Egypt’s Red Sea coastline is the perfect spot for you! Get ready to dive in and discover a whole new world of underwater wonders. 

Explore vibrant coral reefs teeming with colorful marine life, including tropical fish, turtles, and even dolphins. Whether you’re a seasoned diver or a novice snorkeler, the Red Sea’s crystal-clear waters and abundant underwater wonders will leave you mesmerized.


The Red Sea is a fish’s paradise, renowned for its endless buffet and crystal-clear waterbeds. Popular diving destinations such as Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, and Dahab offer a wide range of dive sites suitable for all levels of experience. You can expect encounters with vibrant coral gardens, curious sea turtles, graceful manta rays, and a kaleidoscope of tropical fish. 

Who needs scuba gear when you can just stick your face in the water and call yourself a snorkeler? Check out those shallow reefs by the shoreline and pretend you’re a mermaid.

5. Explore the Neighborhoods of Cairo

Explore the vibrant streets of Cairo, Egypt’s capital. Explore the winding alleys of Old Cairo to see historic sites, lively markets, and old mosques. The Egyptian Museum has a priceless collection of antiquities, including Tutankhamun’s gold and jewelry, and is not to be missed. No trip to Cairo would be complete without sampling some of the authentic local street cuisine.

you don’t want to miss out on the Egyptian Museum! It’s got all the cool stuff from way back, including the bling of Tutankhamun. And obviously, you can’t leave Cairo without experiencing the mouth-watering street food that will make your taste buds dance.

Cairo is like a time traveler’s dream – you can experience ancient history and modern chaos all in one place! If you’re looking for a good time in the city, head on over to Islamic Cairo! It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site, so you know it’s fancy.

Explore the Khan El Khalili market, where you can haggle for souvenirs, spices, and traditional handicrafts. The Egyptian Museum, located in Tahrir Square, houses an extensive collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts, including the world-famous golden mask of Tutankhamun.

6. Relax in the Beach Resorts of Sharm El Sheikh.

Why work hard when you can hardly work at all? Treat yourself to some serious R and R at the fancy beach resorts of Sharm El Sheikh. This little slice of heaven on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula is the perfect spot for all you beach bums out there. With crystal-clear waters and sandy shores that are smoother than a baby’s bottom, you’ll be feeling like a mermaid in no time. And if you’re feeling adventurous, there are plenty of water sports to keep you entertained. 

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Sharm El Sheikh has got you covered! Whether you’re a beach bum, a snorkeling enthusiast, or just in need of some serious pampering, this destination has it all. The vibrant coral reefs just offshore offer an underwater playground for divers and snorkelers, with opportunities to encounter exotic marine life, including tropical fish, vibrant coral formations, and even the occasional reef shark. 

Don’t worry, they’re just looking for a friendly chat! Fancy schmancy resorts and spas? They got it! just lay back to fulfill your every whim, guaranteeing a totally chillaxed and revitalizing time.

7. Uncover the Secrets of Abu Simbel.

Visit Abu Simbel in the south to see the magnificent temples that Ramses the second erected. In order to prevent them from being submerged by the Aswan High Dam, these colossal buildings were excavated from a mountain and moved to higher ground. 

Prepare to have your mind blown by the ginormous statues standing watch at the entrance and be dazzled by the fancy scribbles covering the temple walls. well, looks like the ancient Egyptians were quite the architects and engineers! Abu Simbel is a real show-off of their skills. you should see the main temple! 

Features four colossal statues of the pharaoh seated on thrones. As the sun aligns twice a year, the interior of the temple is illuminated, highlighting the statues and the beautifully preserved wall reliefs. 

8. Experience the Oasis Life in Siwa. where the sand is hot and the oasis is hotter!

Tired of the honking cars and busy streets? Come to Siwa and experience the sweet sound of silence. If you’re looking for a place to get lost in the middle of nowhere, Siwa is the perfect spot for you! It’s got everything you need: sand, sand, and more sand. 

Plus, if you’re lucky, you might stumble upon some ancient ruins while you’re out there. Get ready to channel your inner Indiana Jones as you explore the ancient ruins of the Temple of the Oracle. The serene atmosphere and breathtaking landscapes of Siwa will leave you feeling rejuvenated.

Siwa is basically a postcard come to life! It’s got everything you could ever want in a desert oasis – date palms, springs, and even salty lakes. It’s like Mother Nature was showing off when she made this place. 

The Temple of the Oracle, dedicated to the god Amun, provides a glimpse into the ancient religious practices of the region. The natural spring known as Cleopatra’s Spring offers a refreshing oasis in the midst of the desert. 

And If you’re feeling brave, why not try dune bashing and sandboarding? It’s a great way to appreciate the stunning desert scenery and get your adrenaline pumping!

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9. Visit the Edfu and Kom Ombo Temples and be Amazed

Visit the ancient temples of Edfu and Kom Ombo and take a step back in time. One of Egypt’s most well-preserved temples is Edfu’s Temple of Horus, which is devoted to the falcon-headed deity Horus. Marvel at the elaborate sculptures and reliefs depicting stories from ancient Egypt. 

If you’re looking for a place to worship both crocodiles and falcons, head on over to the Temple of Kom Ombo! This bad boy is a double temple, so you can get your Sobek and Horus fix all in one spot. Plus, the architecture is appealing funky.

The Temple of Horus in Edfu is a masterpiece of ancient Egyptian architecture. Its colossal entrance pylons and well-preserved reliefs transport visitors back to the time of the pharaohs. The Temple of Kom Ombo, located on a picturesque bend of the Nile, offers a fascinating glimpse into the religious practices of ancient Egypt.

Its symmetrical design, with duplicate halls, sanctuaries, and courts dedicated to two different deities, is a testament to the dual nature of Egyptian religious beliefs.

10. Take a trip to the White Desert and embark on a wild and sandy adventure!

If you’re feeling wild and crazy, you absolutely have to check out Egypt’s White Desert. It’s like a regular desert, but with a lot more white stuff. Welcome to the extraterrestrial land of bizarre white rocks, crafted by the whimsical forces of wind and sand for eons. Come on down and pitch a tent, gaze at the funky fungi, and watch the sun do its thing with the light and shadows. It’s like a real-life fairy tale! Prepare to have your mind blown, folks! The White Desert is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. It’s a total feast for the eyes and the perfect spot for all you nature buffs and camera fanatics out there. 

As the sun sets beyond the horizon, the white rocks transform into a golden hue, painting the landscape with a magical glow. Setting up camp amidst this ethereal atmosphere is an experience you’ll treasure forever.

The rock formations in the White Desert are truly a work of art. From mushroom-shaped pillars to surreal shapes that resemble animals and mythical creatures, each structure tells a unique story. Take your time to wander through this geological wonderland, exploring the intricate details carved by nature’s patient hand. It’s a photographer’s dream come true, with endless opportunities to capture extraordinary images.

The White Desert is not just a daytime destination. It comes alive with a mesmerizing play of light and shadows as the sun rises and sets.

And That’s all we have for today. Guys! if you have other fun experiences in Egypt, be sure to share in the comment section. But until next time, Goodbye and see you soon. Don’t forget to like, subscribe and share this video in order to see more videos like this.


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