10 Best Cities to Live in Spain: Discover Your Ideal Destination

Best Cities to Live in Spain
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Are you dreaming of living in a beautiful city in Spain? With its rich history, beautiful landscapes, and vibrant culture, Spain offers numerous cities that make fantastic places to call home. Spain has it all if you’re looking for a coastal retreat, a bustling metropolis, or a quaint town steeped in tradition.


This article will take you on a journey through the ten best cities to live in Spain. Get ready to explore these amazing destinations and find your perfect place! You can also check out The Enchanted Symphony: Best Places to Visit in Finland.

Best places to live in Spain 

1Barcelona: A Captivating Mediterranean Gem
2Madrid: The Heartbeat of Spain
3Valencia: A Coastal Paradise
4Seville: Where History Meets Tradition
5Malaga: Sun, Sea, and Cultural Delights
6Granada: A Magical Blend of Cultures
7Bilbao: An Architectural Marvel
8Palma de Mallorca: Paradise in the Balearics
9San Sebastian: Gastronomy and Natural Beauty
10Cordoba: A Living Legacy of the Moorish Empire

1. Barcelona: A Captivating Mediterranean Gem

Barcelona’s Grid pattern truly comes to life when viewed from above. Definitely one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with the Sagrada Familia Cathedral as the crown.

Barcelona is a city that always surprises its guests and its permanent residents. It is located on the shore of the Mediterranean and provides a unique combination of breathtaking architecture, vibrant street life, and a flourishing arts scene. The following are some of the highlights:

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  • The iconic Sagrada Familia: Gaudi’s masterpiece has become a city symbol.
  • La Rambla: A bustling street filled with shops, restaurants, and street performers.
  • Gothic Quarter: Find hidden gems in the narrow medieval streets.
  • Beaches: Barcelona boasts several beautiful beaches where you can soak up the sun.

2. Madrid: The Heartbeat of Spain

Calle de Alcala in Madrid, Spain

Madrid, the nation’s capital and largest city, is vibrant and beautiful. It is a city that combines history and modernity, and it offers a vast array of cultural attractions, food of world-class caliber, and a lively nightlife scene. The following are some of the things that set Madrid apart:

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  • Explore one of the world’s finest art collections at the Prado Museum, home to works of art by Goya and Velázquez, amongst others.
  • Retiro Park is a tranquil haven in the middle of the bustling city, ideal for a stroll, a picnic, or both.
  • The Puerta del Sol is the hub of activity in Madrid. It is home to the city’s iconic clock, stores, and cafes.
  • Tapas Culture: Indulge in the tradition of hopping from bar to bar, sampling delicious Spanish tapas.

3. Valencia: A Coastal Paradise

Valencia, found on the southeastern coast of Spain, has the ideal combination of contemporary amenities and age-old customs. Given the city’s breathtaking architecture, lively festivals, and lovely beaches, it should be no surprise that people travel worldwide to visit Valencia. Here is what you shouldn’t forget to check out:

  • City of Arts and Sciences: A futuristic complex showcasing impressive modern architecture and various cultural attractions.
  • Turia Gardens: A vast green space on the former riverbed, ideal for a leisurely bike ride or a picnic.
  • Fallas Festival: Experience the excitement of this unique celebration featuring colorful parades and awe-inspiring fireworks.
  • Paella: Don’t leave Valencia without savoring the world-famous dish that originated here.
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4. Seville: Where History Meets Tradition

A city that perfectly exemplifies Spain is Seville, which also happens to be the capital of Andalusia. It is well-known for its long history, colorful festivals, and flamenco music. Dive into the following hedonistic offerings that Seville has to offer:

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  • The Alcázar of Seville is a breathtaking royal palace worth visiting due to its gorgeous gardens, fountains, and elaborate tilework.
  • Plaza de Espana is a gigantic area encircled by a canal and decorated with gorgeous ceramic tiles. Visitors can marvel at the majesty of this square.
  • Flamenco: Experience the passion and intensity of authentic flamenco performances in the city that gave birth to this art form.
  • During Holy Week, also known as Semana Santa, you may experience the intricate processions and religious passion characteristic of this truly unique cultural festival.

5. Malaga: Sun, Sea, and Cultural Delights

Malaga, Spain; Facade of the Malaga Cathedral or Santa Iglesia Catedral Basílica de la Encarnación, with a fountain and tourists in the town square in the foreground.

Malaga is located on the Costa del Sol and offers visitors the ideal blend of beaches bathed in sunshine, cultural activities, and a lively environment. The following factors contribute to Malaga’s status as a top choice:

  • Explore the life and works of the world-famous artist Pablo Picasso, who was born in Malaga and is honored by a museum bearing his name.
  • The Malaga Cathedral, often known as “La Manquita” (which translates to “The One-Armed Lady”), is an impressive example of Renaissance architecture.
  • The beaches of Malaga offer visitors the opportunity to relax and unwind on the beautiful sands of Malagueta Beach or discover the quaint fishing communities that dot the coast.
  • Tapas and Wine: Indulge in some delectable tapas and sample some of the region’s best wines at any of the bustling restaurants or pubs.

6. Granada: A Magical Blend of Cultures

Granada is a city where history and culture come to life, and it is located in a picturesque setting at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains. The Alhambra, a stunning palace complex welcomes millions of tourists annually, is the city’s most prized possession and crown jewel. Explore Granada’s treasures:

  • This UNESCO World Heritage site is home to the magnificent Alhambra, where you may get lost in maze-like hallways, lush gardens, and charming courtyards.
  • Get lost in the winding alleys of the medieval Muslim quarter of Albaicn, which offers breathtaking vistas of the Alhambra.
  • Sacromonte: Immerse yourself in the world of flamenco in the vibrant caves of this gypsy neighborhood.
  • Tapas with a View: Enjoy delectable tapas while savoring panoramic views of the Alhambra from one of the city’s rooftop terraces.

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7. Bilbao: An Architectural Marvel

Bilbao has undergone a remarkable transformation in the Basque Country in recent decades. The world-famous Guggenheim Museum has played a significant role in the city’s transformation from an industrial port city into a thriving cultural metropolis. Learn about some of Bilbao’s most notable features:

  • Designed by Frank Gehry, the Guggenheim Museum features some of the most eye-catching architecture in modern art.
  • Explore the quaint ancient town of Casco Viejo, known for its winding lanes, traditional stores, and bustling atmosphere.
  • Visit the illustrious Bilbao Fine Arts Museum to immerse yourself in the art world, home to works by some of the world’s most famous artists.

  • Basque Cuisine: Indulge in the unique flavors of Basque gastronomy, renowned for its pintxos (Basque tapas) and seafood.

8. Palma de Mallorca: Paradise in the Balearics


Palma de Mallorca, the capital of the Balearic Islands, is a Mediterranean paradise that offers a perfect blend of natural beauty, history, and cosmopolitan charm. Palma de Mallorca is known as the “Pearl of the Mediterranean.” In Palma, you can look forward to the following:

  • Palma Cathedral: The Palma Cathedral, also known as La Seu, is the most famous building in the city and features outstanding Gothic architecture.
  • Bellver Castle is a round castle positioned atop a hill and offers visitors breathtaking views of Palma and the surrounding area.
  • Portixol: Stroll along the picture-perfect waterfront promenade, lined with trendy bars, restaurants, and sandy beaches.
  • Serra de Tramuntana: Embark on a hiking or cycling adventure through this UNESCO World Heritage mountain range, offering breathtaking landscapes.

9. San Sebastian: Gastronomy and Natural Beauty

San Sebastian, located in the Basque Country, is a place for food lovers and nature enthusiasts. The city captivates visitors from the moment they step foot there due to its world-famous food, charming old town, and breathtaking beaches. Discover the following things to do in San Sebastian:

  • La Concha Beach is a crescent-shaped beach known for being one of the most beautiful urban beaches in the world. The beach is a great place to relax.
  • Old Town (Parte Vieja): stroll through the narrow streets lined with pintxos bars to indulge in Basque culinary delights.
  • Mount Urgull: Hike to the top of this hill and be rewarded with panoramic views of the city and the coastline.
  • International Film Festival: Experience the glitz and glamour of this renowned film festival, held annually in September.
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10. Cordoba: A Living Legacy of the Moorish Empire

Cordoba was once a thriving hub of Islamic civilization, and it is now a fascinating city that has preserved its extensive history and the architectural marvels it was known for. Explore the interesting history of Cordoba by visiting:

  • Mezquita-Catedral de Córdoba: Marvel at the breathtaking beauty of this mosque-turned-cathedral, a masterpiece of Moorish and Gothic architecture.
  • Explore the magnificent fortress palace and its breathtaking gardens at the Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos. This was the royal residence of Christian kings and queens in the past.
  • Jewish Quarter (Judería): Get lost in the maze-like streets of this enchanting neighborhood, filled with charming cafes and traditional craft shops.
  • Patios Festival: Visit during May to witness the vibrant Patios Festival, when residents open their private courtyards adorned with colorful flowers to the public.


Spain offers a diverse range of cities, each with its own unique charm and attractions. It doesn’t matter if you’re drawn to the vibrant energy of Barcelona, Granada’s cultural richness, or Valencia’s coastal beauty; you’re sure to find the perfect place to live in Spain. Explore these cities, immerse yourself in their culture, and make unforgettable memories in one of the best countries to call home.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What factors should I consider when choosing the best city to live in Spain?
    • The factors to consider include quality of life, job opportunities, cost of living, climate, cultural attractions, and proximity to amenities.
  2. Are these cities suitable for families with children?
    • Yes, many of these cities offer excellent educational facilities, family-friendly neighborhoods, and a range of recreational activities for children.
  3. Is it easy to find accommodation in these cities?
    • Generally, finding accommodation in these cities is relatively easy, but starting your search in advance is advisable, especially during peak seasons.
  4. Can I find English-speaking communities in these cities?
    • Yes, many cities in Spain have international communities where English is commonly spoken, making it easier to integrate and meet like-minded people.
  5. Are these cities safe to live in?
    • Spain, in general, is considered safe, and these cities have low crime rates. However, exercising caution and following basic safety guidelines is always important.

Now that you’re informed with valuable insights into the best cities to live in Spain, it’s time to start your adventure and discover the perfect place that resonates with your dreams and aspirations. ¡Buena suerte! (Good luck!)

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